Calcutta HC boosts legal efficiency: 1000 laptops for WB, Andaman & Nicobar judicial officers.

Last Updated: 19-11-2023 05:01:40pm
Calcutta HC boosts legal efficiency: 1000 laptops for WB, Andaman & Nicobar judicial officers.

The Calcutta High Court recently orchestrated a notable event, marking the distribution of 1000 cutting-edge laptops to the esteemed judicial officers of West Bengal and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The ceremony, a significant affair, was presided over by Chief Justice TS Sivagnanam, accompanied by distinguished members of the High Court Computer Committee—Justice Tapabrata Chakroborty, Justice Moushumi Bhattacharya, and Justice Debangshu Basak.

Chief Justice Sivagnanam, a central figure in the event, delved into the pivotal role of technology in the administration of justice. During his reflections, he elucidated that the bestowed laptops were a gracious gift from the High Court to the judicial officers, timed to coincide with the ongoing puja season. The intent behind this benevolent gesture was to facilitate and enhance the performance of the judicial officers in the discharge of their duties. Chief Justice Sivagnanam remarked, "Computerisation of the court has been a boon and has largely improved case disposal."

The Chief Justice acknowledged the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic, emphasizing the adaptability and resilience demonstrated by the Calcutta High Court. He highlighted the pioneering efforts of the court in embracing technology, ensuring effective case disposal even in the face of adversity. In a groundbreaking move, the High Court's Computer Committee recommended and procured state-of-the-art laptops for the judicial officers—marking a significant stride in leveraging technology for judicial processes.

The laptops, Chief Justice Sivagnanam emphasized, were not just ordinary devices; they were high-performance HP laptops equipped with the most advanced specifications. Undoubtedly, this acquisition came at a substantial cost, underscoring the commitment of the Calcutta High Court to empower its judicial officers with the best tools available. However, he also issued a note of caution, stressing the need for meticulous care of these valuable assets. "Adequate care must be taken of them," he warned, recognizing the accountability associated with the proper upkeep of these sophisticated devices.

Chief Justice Sivagnanam encouraged the judicial officers to view these laptops as assets exceeding the capabilities of their personal devices. The enhanced specifications and compatibility with various software make these laptops invaluable resources in the pursuit of efficient case management. He underscored the dual functionality of these devices, serving both judicial and administrative functions, further emphasizing their role in maintaining the momentum of justice delivery.

Following the Chief Justice's address, Justices Tapabrata Chakroborty and Moushumi Bhattacharya delivered additional insights. Justice Chakroborty urged the judicial officers to utilize the laptops effectively, aiming not only to improve the quantity of case disposal but also to elevate the quality of judicial processes. The laptops, in his view, represented a tool for empowerment, enabling judicial officers to navigate their responsibilities with increased efficiency.

Justice Moushumi Bhattacharya contributed to the discourse by highlighting the laptops as crucial resources for knowledge acquisition. In her perspective, these devices served as instruments of empowerment for judicial officers, bestowing them with the ability to contribute to the broader goal of ensuring justice reaches all corners of the district and beyond.

In summary, the ceremony at the Calcutta High Court symbolized more than the distribution of laptops; it marked a strategic investment in the future of judicial processes. The commitment to technological advancement, coupled with the responsibility placed on the judicial officers for the proper use and maintenance of these tools, reflects a forward-thinking approach to the intersection of law and technology in the pursuit of justice.





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